A stepping stone for people in difficulty

Ateliers Sans Frontieres currently hosts over sixty young people and adults, who are often dissocialized and vulnerable, in the aim of helping them to achieve a personal and professional stable situation. The association offers them a job, trainings and resources to rebuild themselves.

Their involvement in the workshop enables them to earn a salary, to find landmarks, to acquire automatisms, to understand and follow the instructions and to create a social bond. Above all, it contributes to regain dignity and self-confidence.

The activities offered are: upgrading hardware, upgrading of sports equipment and logistics. They are part of a sustainable development plan and thus help limit waste production. Most employees are failing at school and have a very low level of qualification. Therefore, it is important to build training courses to complement their work.

Access to culture, sport and entertainment is also a key extension to the psychological construction of those employees who often live isolated. So many activities are organized in that objective.

Support for solidarity actions

Internationally, two types of actions are performed: providing equipment refurbished in the workshops Ateliers Sans Frontieres to schools or associations and the organization of international projects in which employees have the opportunity to establish IT and sports facilities for even poorer beneficiaries.

Thus, employees in integration not only feel accountable for the help they received, but become responsible citizens, themselves involved in solidarity.